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Thanks for visiting Hearts 4 Him.  This is a place where you can join in on the topic’s we are discussing during our “Ladies Morning Out” sessions.

So who am I, and why this Blog.

Well, my name is Peggy Stoltz and I am the wife of an associate pastor at Northside Foursquare Church in Port Coquitlam, BC, Canada. My husband and I served as the pastors of a small church in the interior of BC and when we returned to our home church – Northside – I offered a couple of hours each week to serve in whichever why I could. 

I was asked if I would consider doing a ladies bible study. Although I had not been thinking along these lines, I was open to the possibilities and what God wanted to do here. I accepted the challenge and starMy husband Mike and I in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico in Nov 2008ted in April 2008 with a good friend by my side and 17 ladies turned out for the first day. By the end of June, we had 35 ladies attending on a regular basis and some dropping in when they could.

We started by walking through a self directed study by Elizabeth George, with a book study of Esther on “Becoming a Woman of Beauty and Strength” and now we are doing another on the book of James – “Growing in Wisdom and Faith”.

The nature of our format for the “Ladies Morning Out”, gives the women the flexibility of attending when they can. Although this is a nice feature, some don’t consistently receive all the benefits of the study each week that they could. That’s where this Blog comes in.

I will post an overview and a S.O.A.P. of our study for the week on the passage of scripture that we are looking at during our study times. Updates will be done each week after the Ladies Morning Out sessions – most likely by each Saturday. That way you can get the gist of what we chatted about and some insights the Lord has given me from the scriptures studied. From time to time, I will ask one of my other table leaders to provide their insights, that way you get to hear from someone other than myself.

As I build this Blog site, be patient with me. I will try to post in a chronological order as we study. For the time being, it means going back and redoing my study notes and SOAP notes to facilitate this.

My first Blog will be on SOAP devotionals, with a link to a great SOAP site, so that you know what I am referring to when you see them.

I hope that you will be blessed and encouraged through this site and that you will find growth in your spiritual walk as result of visiting here.



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